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TKO Total Events

White Wedding Altar


What our clients say

Perfect wedding day...

We are so pleased with the services received as we prepared to walk down the aisle. TKO Total events helped to take so many things off our plate, thoughtfully kept our desires in mind when selecting vendors, venues, decor, etc. Their expertise, professionalism and resources were definitely needed and appreciated to achieve the perfect wedding day! 


Cheers for TKO Total Events!

The Johnsons 


A dream come true...

Working with TKO Total Events was a dream come true. T’Kiyah took all of my ideas and made them into something far more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. She made the stress of planning the biggest day of my life just melt away after our first meeting. She helped me every step of the way and made sure that everything was perfect for my wedding day. Her professionalism is impeccable and her patience was a true jewel. T’Kiyah is an amazing wedding planner and anyone who has the pleasure to work with her is in for a real treat. She is a one of a kind Event Planner that truly turns dreams into a magical reality.


Thank you again for making our day so special. 

The Hutchinsons 

My wedding angel...

We are so grateful for having T'Kiyah and her team on our team. I called her my wedding angel because she literally guided us through every step of planning for an whole year. I appreciate how involved she was and how she educated us on expectations, choosing the best vendors, prices and ways to save. Our year together was amazing but, the actual wedding day was beyond this world! Everything ran smoothly, it looked incredible and our guests had the best time! I'd get married again just to have TKO Total Events. 


Nothing but happy memories!

The Smith's 

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The best choice ...

From the initial consultation with T’Kiyah, we clicked and I knew she would be the best choice to support us with our special day. Just when we thought we had all your “I’s” dotted and “T’s” crossed, in comes our coordinator to rescue us from the catastrophe that’s happening behind the scenes! We can't thank this company enough for making sure our day went without a flaw, was enjoyable and stress free! We know her and her team did well when guests say you had top flight security LOL! Such a Special day with TK! #wootenhaveitanyotherway


Let's do it again!

The Wootens

All I needed...

I absolutely recommend TKO Total Events they are all I needed.T'Kiyah is a woman of her word and Terry was great at keeping me calm and getting me down the aisle. They are prompt, professional, and thorough. I hired TKO Total Events for month of coordination, my only regret is not hiring them sooner! She pulled all of my ideas together in a few shorts weeks. In addition her husband Chris of Cee Kay Soundz rocked our reception all night I had nothing to worry about on my special day.


Thank you for being so great at what you do.

The Johnsons 

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I am forever grateful...

TKO Total Events went above and beyond to make my wedding day a dream come true! I barely had to lift a finger on my special day and can say my day was less stressful knowing that TKOTE had my back and made sure everything ran smoothly. You defently get more than what you pay for  and I am forever grateful for all they did. The fact that my husband happens to be a family member did not change the level of professionalisim one bit. With TKO the wedding day horror stories didn't stand a chance. 


Thank you for being so great at what you do.

The Outlaws

All expectations were met...

TKO was absolutely amazing for our special day. T’Kiyah really had things under control and everything moved as it should. Our wedding day was beautiful and most importantly ON TIME. 

I am detail oriented and I really appreciated that TKO was as well. There weren’t many questions left to be asked because mostly everything was spelled out for you - down to the wedding day itinerary for the bridal party! I was looking for a woman of color that would represent and understand the vision we had for our special day. We were overall all so happy with TKO that everything fell right into place and only happy tears were cried! All expectations were met exceedingly. Without a doubt if anyone is looking for a wonderful planner/coordinator TKO is the way to go!!

The Radford's 

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